Optimising your processes, enhancing productivity, using the right technologies to innovate…You can trust Abylsen to support you in your digital transformation! At Abylsen, we structure your IT project, from study and design to post-production management.

Design & Development
the right solutions right away

Assistance with project management
The PMA phase is crucial to the success of an IT project. During this step, we help you to describe users’ needs and the functional solution. We also implement appropriate project management.

Our teams build the solution adapted to your needs, then install it and provide the necessary documentation. We ensure that it functions properly and provide you with a support service.

Maintenance & Security
Day-to-day serenity

Outsource the management of your IT infrastructure. Our teams analyse your management and offer solutions adapted to your needs: centralised monitoring, remote control, anti-virus solution & software updates, etc.

Your company’s agility and productivity are governed by the quality of your information system(s). At Abylsen, we carry out infrastructure studies and availability/performance diagnostics. We then advise you on upgrades to your hardware and software.

Abylsen helps you identify advanced cyber-threats by implementing surveillance and behavioural analysis solutions. Our teams of experts ensure more complete control of your cyber-risks.


Communications –no borders

Between 5G, price competition and the diversification of offers, telecommunications stakeholders constantly need to innovate.Our teams help you better understand consumer usage to improve the customer experience.We can also help you define new products & services, process and analyse your data and transform your IT infrastructures.


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Our engineer consultants can support you for your projects, whether you need support from A to Z or just for individual phases. We provide you with the advice and technical assistance you need to bring your projects to their achievement.

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The solutions we provide to our customers are perfectly suited to their priorities. At Abylsen, we combine heart and mind, responsiveness and efficiency to co-create ingenious solutions that guarantee your projects’ success.

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Join us to take part in our exciting projects and reach your full potential. We empower you to grow in independence quickly and take on new responsibilities. You can exceed even your own expectations and make progress with support from your manager and our personal development program.

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