Talent Acquisition Function

Support functions are at the heart of our daily lives!
Here we propose to focus on the “Talent Acquisition” function

An outline of the position

The Talent Acquisition function is key for the development and consolidation of Abylsen’s growth!

What are your main duties ?

1. You identify future Abylsen talents

2. You embody our employer promise towards applicants

3. You guarantee the differenciating  candidate experience offered by Abylsen

4. You play a key role in Abylsen’s development


As soon as you join Abylsen, a development path
is implemented via the “MY WAY – Talent Acquisition” project :

Proposed evolution paths :

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Managerial channel

HR Consultant Development


Business Engineer


In addition to your coach, our in-house university, U@Abylsen, is intended to support you throughout your career in the group.

Thanks to this programme, you will acquire skills on key subjects and develop your potential through personalised training…