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Candidate Path

At ABYLSEN, the recruitment process is not just a series of steps! It’s a true expedition in search of new talents, guided by our values of passionate exploration, responsible freedom, collective learning, and concrete intuition.

The Recruitment Journey at ABYLSEN

#1 Call of Adventure

Do you feel the allure of novelty? Is your inner explorer awakening, ready to take on exciting challenges? Apply to ABYLSEN! Submit your application for our open positions or through a spontaneous application; there will always be a watchful eye on your profile

#2 The Journey into Intuition

Our daring team of explorers organizes an initial phone exchange to get to know each other. We are looking for candidates who share our passion for exploration and possess skills ready to be put into action. We are also here to introduce you to the ABYLSEN adventure. Let your curiosity speak and surprise us!

#3 Exploration Meeting

You are invited to meet one of our talent scouts. Together, you delve into the depths of your experiences to explain your journey. We are also very interested in understanding your desire to explore new horizons. Together, we blaze the trails of responsible freedom, giving you the opportunity to express your creativity through thrilling challenges. Show us your thirst for learning and your ability to adapt quickly to new challenges.

#4 The Collective Expedition

You meet a fearless member of our learning collective, ready to share knowledge and benefit from your expertise. You are invited to solve stimulating practical cases that test your technical skills, analytical thinking, and ability to make informed decisions. These tests are designed to reveal your true potential. Through this, we present you with the most inspiring and forward-looking career opportunities for the explorer that you are. Open your capacity to think innovatively and bring your intuitions to life.

#5 Reaching the Summit

You reach the ultimate stage of our recruitment process. You meet our leaders who share our collective ambition and confirm your potential to embark on this professional ascent. This stage is not automatic and will depend on your need to know more. Assert your determination to reach new heights and become a part of a winning team.

#6 Embarking on the Adventure

Our joint expedition becomes a reality. You have acquired your "pass" to join as an essential member of our team of explorers. You now have the opportunity to engage in captivating projects, push the boundaries of innovation, and leave your mark in the vast world of technological exploration.

#7 Welcome Aboard!

Upon your arrival, you are immersed in our culture of exploration through our personalized onboarding program. You are guided by our experienced crew, ready to accompany you on your journey and navigate alongside you throughout your roadmap.