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Our societal commitments

Parity, Diversity, Inclusion & Solidarity

To promote equal opportunities and diversity in all its forms, in a proactive approach that goes beyond the legal and judicial framework of the fight against discrimination, we have established a diversity charter?

We have an inclusive policy and advocate for the support and integration of our employees with disabilities.
Our Disability Mission (MiHA) aims to promote an inclusive culture towards disability and to support employees in their efforts.

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In partnership with the association Women Engineers, Abylsen values female engineers in the workplace.

Find our Male/Female equality index:


I could tell you that being a female engineer involves management, project management, innovation, or technical skills. But really, it’s primarily a story of passion, intuition, freedom. To dive in, believe, and forget stereotypes, deploy your strengths rather than focusing on your limits. Because talent has no gender, be brave, empathetic, and curious, and create your own luck and opportunities! We look forward to meeting you in your schools or in our offices, to share with you our daily fulfillment and personal achievement.

Michelle BRUNO

Supporting the Younger Generations

We are committed to supporting students and young entrepreneurs, to facilitate the emergence of tomorrow’s leaders and experts.

Solidarity Commitment

We believe that a more solidary and responsible operation leads to better performance and sustainable growth. That’s why we are committed to raising awareness among our employees on a daily basis and building a culture of solidarity.

Solidarity Actions

The Abylsen Group carries out solidarity actions through local or national initiatives that have a positive impact through donations, corporate volunteering projects, or other forms of support.

  • In the context of humanitarian emergencies (Morocco, Ukraine), collection of donations, etc.
  • End-of-year solidarity collection: each year, donations are collected and given to associations for the underprivileged

Humanitarian Missions

As part of our solidarity commitment policy, Abylsen undertakes an annual solidarity mission on various themes such as the environment or energy.

In January 2023, six explorers participated in building a school in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Vendredi (Solidarity Platform)

Solidarity commitment is an essential component of our development. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to get involved in solidarity missions, to build together a responsible future.

Two explorers, one adventure

Abylsen, alongside Léo Le Blé Jacques, is building a dynamic of sporting challenges that fully embody the values of a learning collective. Our employees also take on sporting challenges such as annual walking challenges.