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In a world where we too often follow in the steps of others, Abylsen has been charting new horizons for over 15 years.

On a daily basis, our engineers explore new areas of innovation in the industrial and service sectors, developing innovative, value-added solutions to drive our partners’ success.

At Abylsen, we imagine cutting-edge technologies and their applications that will change our ways of thinking, working and living deeply. Especially, in territories of strategic innovations for our future.
The aeronautics, space and defence sectors are real drivers of global innovation. Space travel and tourism, resource exploration and management are challenges humanity must meet by devising the technologies that will take us all further.
The automotive industry is in the midst of (r)evolution as it transitions to electric and autonomous vehicles, let’s continue to invent the mobility of tomorrow.

The advent of the digital economy is challenging traditional financial players, who will soon have to rethink their products and services to stay in the race.

The energy sector is at the heart of the greatest challenge of our time: meeting exponential demand in a context of climate crisis and dwindling resources.

We believe that the time has come to optimise the rail and construction sectors, and our infrastructure more generally, as a means of enhancing our mobility and regional connections.

Biosciences focus on the most exciting of subjects: living beings.
Creating a bio-pharmaceutical complex with innovative and responsive research, production and distribution capacities will be the major challenge of the coming century, for our future and that of our entire ecosystem.

To remain competitive, heavy industry will have to meet three major challenges: becoming less polluting and costly while committing to automation.

The digital revolution is underway. A successful transition requires reliable, highly effective and constantly updated technology to meet new storage, performance and cybersecurity challenges.




To imagine the future, we must first plan a better present. At Abylsen, we provide the expertise and resources required to support you in the deployment of large-scale R&D projects: from analysing your needs to developing your products and services, right through to their testing and validation phase.
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Innovation is good. Expertise is even better. This is why our consultants work to optimise your processes and production tools across the entire value chain: industrialisation, quality control, purchasing and logistics, resource management, building design and construction, as well as compliance with market standards.
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Making your digital transition a success means being ready for tomorrow. Whether you are looking to optimise your processes, increase productivity or choose better technologies, Abylsen's teams guide you through the digital jungle: projet management support, IS, software agility and deployment, IT infrastructure, cybersecurity, etc.
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To embrace change, we must first look at the situation from a different angle. Auditing, diagnostics, change management, new working methods, etc. The Abylsen teams will support you from strategic definition to implementation of your projects.