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Our professional expertise

To help our partners succeed, we develop practical solutions across three trades:
Research and Development, Production and Operations activities, and Digital.



To imagine the future, we must first plan a better present. At Abylsen, we provide the expertise, energy and resources required to support you in the deployment of large-scale R&D projects: from analysing your needs to developing your products and services, right through to their testing and validation phase.

Abylsen supports its customers through every phase of study, design and product development.

We are involved in a broad range of industrial engineering fields.


During the upstream phase of your project, Abylsen helps you to frame your needs and put them in perspective with the best technologies and applications of the moment. Our teams can implement a modelling/simulation phase to visualise product or service operation. We then define a number of detailed specifications that will trigger the starts of the various stages of development.

Abylsen develops and integrates all the components necessary to complete your project. Our consultants provide you with the expertise needed to ensure consistent product development according to defined needs.

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Abylsen performs all phases of product validation and verification. We conduct tests based on proven methodologies (ISTQB, GAMP 5, etc.). Abylsen also assists you with product deployment with regard to regulations (CEN, ISO, etc.).


Abylsen works with its customers to optimise their processes and strengthen their production tools.
We can also assist you in the fields of Quality, Purchasing and Logistics.


On the way to Industry 4.0! Artificial intelligence, big data, automation, etc. Now is the time to improve our customers’ industrial equipment! At Abylsen, we optimise processes and improve performance within production tools. We implement innovative, tried and tested solutions for methodology and project management. Abylsen supports the installation of programmable logic controllers and provides its customers with on-site maintenance. We work both on building structures and inside industrial sites.

In a context of strong innovation, the controlling of costs and work-flow quality is a key issue for our customers. Abylsen helps them obtain the best resource management KPIs. Our teams review purchasing, supply and logistics activities to define and implement the optimal strategy for their customers.

We are involved in all phases of construction, civil engineering and electrical engineering. We supply the technical and operational know-how to bring our customers’ projects to fruition, meeting all deadlines and quality commitments.
Changes to international legislation can have an impact on the activities of our customers. Our consultants work to verify the conformity of their products, materials and services. We also cover security and certification-related activities (ISO, EN, etc.).


Optimising your processes, enhancing productivity, using the right technologies to innovate, and so on. You can trust Abylsen to support you in your digital transformation! At Abylsen, we structure your IT project, from study and design to post-production management.


Projet Management Support

Management Support is crucial to the success of an IT project. During this phase, we help you to define the user needs and functional solution. We also implement appropriate project management.


Our teams build the solution adapted to your needs, then install it and provide the necessary documentation. We ensure that it functions properly and provide you with a support service.


Outsource the management of your IT infrastructure. Our teams analyse your management and offer solutions suited to your needs, such as centralised monitoring, remote control, anti-virus software and solution updates, etc.


You company’s agility and productivity are governed by the quality of your information system(s). At Abylsen, we carry out infrastructure studies and availability/performance diagnostics. We then advise you on upgrades to your hardware and software.


Abylsen helps you identify advanced cyber-threats by implementing surveillance and behavioural analysis solutions. Our teams of experts ensure more complete control over your cyber-risks.


Between 5G, price competition and the diversification of offers, telecommunications stakeholders constantly need to innovate. Our teams help you better understand consumer usage to improve the customer experience. We can also help you define new products & services, process and analyse your data and transform your IT infrastructures.


Abylsen supports you step by step to ensure the success of your projects. Our methodology is based around multiple forms of commitment.

Technical Assistance

Our teams offer you support as and when needed, whether for a specific requirement or additional expertise to bring your projects to life.

  • Technical Expertise
  • Responsiveness to requirements
  • On customer site

The Service Centre

Abylsen deploys a team of consultants, under the responsibility of a project manager, to co-construct complex projects with you.

  • KPI project monitoring
  • On or off customer site

The Work Package

Abylsen takes charge of your entire project, from design to marketing, pursuing a performance obligation based on pre-established requirements and commitments.
And to take things further, we have several in-house consultancy offices specialising in Regulatory Affairs,Automation and ProcessesMechanical and Electrical DesignSoftware Development andInfrastructure Networks.

  • Performance fee
  • On customer site or hybrid
  • Performance commitment