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Our jobs and functions

In Abylsen’s universe, a variety of roles and responsibilities come together to maximize our efficiency and deliver an unparalleled collaborative work experience.

Embodying our technological and human aspirations, we venture together into the exploration of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries to shape the future of the Group.


Becoming a consultant at Abylsen provides you with the opportunity to explore a multitude of exciting and diverse projects. You will work on projects for our partners, who are leaders in their respective markets, allowing you to gain diversified experience while developing your technical and professional skills.

As a consultant, you will be immersed in a captivating world, with the opportunity to discover new perspectives, apply your creativity, and innovate to provide solutions tailored to each challenge.

Joining the Abylsen adventure as a consultant means having the opportunity to explore new horizons, live your passion for engineering, and work on a variety of projects for our partners in Europe. 




As a Business Manager, you will have the opportunity to explore new business horizons, discover new clients, and expand into new markets. You will be the driver of our sales strategy and the guardian of our growth and professional skills.

At Abylsen, exploration is at the core of our corporate culture. We encourage our employees to step out of their comfort zones, take risks, and venture into new territories.

You will be tasked with several missions: building a team of consultants, expanding your client portfolio, creating and following a Business Plan, and managing your team. You will be supported by a coach to assist you in your learning journey.

By choosing to join us, you will receive a comprehensive and competitive compensation package, as well as fringe benefits that will enable you to work under the best conditions.

talent acquisition

The role of a Talent Acquisition Officer is crucial, our recruitment teams are tasked with identifying the best engineering talents for our industry-leading partners. 

As a Talent Acquisition Officer, you will be responsible for talent recruitment and managing the entire recruitment process. You will work closely with business managers and project teams to understand their needs, and then identify and select the best candidates to meet the ever-evolving market demands. During your assignment, you will be responsible for candidate pre-screening, interview coordination, and candidate relationship management throughout the recruitment process.




BUSINESS partner

Join our support team and contribute to our success by providing efficient and high-quality support to the Group’s Management, Business ManagersTalent Acquisitions and Consultants on a daily basis.

As a member of our support team, you will have the opportunity to work closely with our technical and sales experts to ensure the smooth operation of the company. You will be responsible for our administrative, financial, and logistical management, and you will play a key role in the success of our projects.