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Abylsen: a company labeled HappyIndexAtWork®2021

In 2020, we conducted an engagement survey of all our employees to gather their impressions of Abylsen. Our working methods, our managerial practices, the professional daily life of the teams (motivation, pride, pleasure, etc.) were assessed through 26 questions. Following the study of these results, our partner Choose My Company, awarded us the HappyIndexAtWork®2021 label which evaluates the well-being at work and the commitment of employees. This accreditation is achieved thanks to three good results on the following indicators: the response rate of employees, the overall score given to Abylsen and the company's recommendation score. We are also conducting a more in-depth study of all these results, in order to go further in our continuous improvement approach and to offer our employees an ever more pleasant working environment. The great prospects of evolution and the development of our employees are priority issues for our company. That's why we decided to renew this survey every year in order to measure our progress and to be able to constantly improve. We are proud to have obtained this label and we thank our employees for their participation and their opinions.

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