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My passion allows me to have confidence in myself and to surpass myself a little more every day!

  • Introduce yourself in a few lines

My name is Elise Taisne, I am 24 years old, and I joined Abylsen Lyon at the end of my studies, on January 3, 2018, as a recruitment officer.

  • Tell us about your passion: how did it come about? What led you to practice running?

After putting sports aside during my studies, I wanted to get back into physical activity and get back in shape. The goal was to find a feminine figure, and have fun through sport. Running was obvious! Practical and economical, all it took was a pair of basketball and motivation. Added to this are three elements: 1) The fact that I started running in pairs with a friend, who wanted to regain her original figure, and discover running. The advantage of running in pairs, it motivates! 2) A conducive and pleasant environment for the practice of this sport: Lyon (in particular the Parc de la Tête d'Or). 3) The company's sporting challenges via the "Abylsen Heroes" application, which challenged and rewarded our company's sports employees.

  • What are the qualities necessary for the practice of these sports?

I practice running at regular frequency (2 to 4 times a week) since February 25, 2018. The year 2018 allowed me to gain endurance and speed. I did my first official race, at the same time my first half marathon, during the Run in Lyon, on October 7, 2018. During training, I vary the courses. It's more pleasant, and it allows me to discover sometimes unusual places. I sign up for races, because I like to share my practice with other enthusiasts, and I can test new race formats, such as trail running for example. All these varieties reinforce the feeling of pleasure, which is essential to me. I also try other sports such as cycling, downhill skiing, wakeboarding, and hiking.

  • What are the qualities necessary for the practice of these sports?

For my part, regularity and perseverance. The main driver to last in this sport is yourself. A good pair of sneakers is a real advantage too. No possible excuse such as "I can't, I have work", "ouch it rains", "I'm tired", at any time of the day and with any weather, it is possible to go for a run. Our body needs to exert itself other than nervously.

  • What does your passion bring you on a daily basis?

Confidence and surpassing oneself! Also, perseverance and rigor. Sports activities provide well-being, personal fulfillment, and allow you to meet people from all walks of life. There is a collective dimension through sport that stimulates me a lot. In addition, I created my Running Instagram account (@tata_run), on which I publish a photo accompanied by a text (my feeling in general), as soon as I do a sports activity. It allows me to share my passion, and to self-motivate. When I look back at the path I've accomplished since creating this account, I'm happy and proud of my progress. How far we have come in one year already!

  • How do you reconcile your professional life and the practice of sport?

Running is practiced at any time of the day, so I don't need any time adjustments. Abylsen offers sporting events throughout the year and sponsors its employees on certain events. It is rewarding to work in a company that integrates sport at the heart of its development.

  • What are the highlights of your upcoming year?

The year began with the Paris Half Marathon on March 10, 2019. Running with 33,000 people on a Sunday morning is impressive! The next highlights to come are races of different formats. The Lyon Urban Trail (14km) in April, Run for Her in May, and the Heroes' Race in June (associative races of 10Km each). There will also be the Le Touquet half-marathon in July and until then, more are to come! My biggest challenge of this year will be the realization of my first marathon (42 km) during the Run in Lyon 2019, on October 6th. I can't wait! The preparation is intense and stimulating.

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