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Coaching & consulting – Episode 3 : Nicolas, our triathlete preparing an half-ironman


Introduce yourself in a few lines

Nicolas Duarte, business manager at Abylsen Belgium. I started in Abylsen Paris as Group Sales Manager, then I joined Belgium in October 2018 as part of the development of our pharmaceutical activities.

Can you list the different sports you practice?

I practice triathlon, therefore swimming, cycling and running.

Tell us about your passion: how was it born? What brought you to triathlon?

I have been cycling and swimming for many years and 3 years ago I started running, then I challenged myself to run an Olympic distance triathlon to combine these three sports. After participating at my first triathlon I confirmed my passion for this sport.
A typical year is the beginning of training at the end of winter, intensive training in April/May/June/July, a first race to get back on your feet at the beginning of summer and then a big event (here the half-ironman) at the end of the season. Then running and biking until it’s too cold to go out, then training is reduced during the festive season.

What are the qualities necessary to practice these sports?

Perseverance, motivation & the desire to surpass oneself.

What does your passion bring you every day?

My passion allows me to decompress at the end of working days and to clear my mind, which brings me stability between my professional and personal life. It also brings me important values and offers me strong personal goals to surpass myself.

How do you reconcile your professional life and playing sports?

I train before and after my working day, Abylsen also allows me to adjust my schedule to go swimming at lunchtime for example.

What are the highlights of the coming year?

19/05 – 20 km from Brussels
Brussels Triathlon –
July – 1 triathlon distance M
29/09 – Ironman70.3 from Cascais (Portugal)

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