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Testimonial of Antoine, Key account consultant

Being a Key Account Consultant brought me something completely different: it gave me a more "strategic" vision and a privileged relationship with my manager.
  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Antoine and I have been a consultant at Abylsen Sigma since May 2014, Key Account Consultant for 1 year.

  • Can you tell us about your daily life as an Abylsen consultant?

I work for an American client specializing in agricultural materials and I work more specifically on the branch dedicated to tractors. I am the referent on the themes of homologation and regulation with the project teams on international projects. I therefore intervene on all the stages of the life of a project and the serial life. On a daily basis, I act as an interface between the technical services and the European ministries (most of the time) and at the global level on certain projects.

  • What were your expectations when you arrived at Abylsen?

I arrived at Abylsen in May 2014 (graduated in September 2013) after an international internship and was contacted by the recruitment teams. I immediately felt like I was being seen as a person with skills and knowledge to showcase. My manager was involved, interested and attentive. These elements were decisive for my arrival at Abyslen. I wanted to take advantage of what I had learned in school, to be interested in other environments (especially the agricultural environment), to take up new challenges, to discover new horizons. Since my arrival at Abylsen – 5 years ago – I can say that my experience has been very enriching, a source of skills development and the discovery of other professions than those for which my initial training was intended (manufacturing training). From the beginning at Abylsen, I set up a career plan with my manager to satisfy my need to discover new sectors and new professions. It's done because I started in a design office (project costing) for 1 year to finally move towards homologation, a profession that I have been practicing for 3 years now!

  • Can you tell us about your role as KAC Abylsen

Quite quickly, my manager told me about the function of Key Account Consultant and I was seduced. On a daily basis, my role as KAC makes me the relay of Abylsen directly to our clients at various levels: – Help in the search for identification of potential (future missions, future employees) – Help with the integration of new employees (presentation of my consulting profession, be identified as a relay by new employees if necessary, be a support to new consultants in case of need… Being KAC brought me something completely different: it gave me a more "strategic" vision and a more privileged relationship with my manager. Today, I work hand in hand with my manager for more efficiency and more business benefits.

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