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What suits me today is to be able to be an intrapreneur and to be able to make strategic decisions, everything is open!
  • Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Kévin, I started as a consultant at Abylsen STRA in December 2011 and I have been working as a Business Engineer since October 2018.

  • Explain your daily life in a few words

On a daily basis, I accompany: – My clients in meeting their technical needs & consulting in the organization of their projects. – My consultants in their career path, I help them to project themselves into the future, to develop the skills that will allow them to achieve their goals & see further. My teams are made up of junior profiles as well as more experienced profiles. This allows me to better manage the skills of my team to allow us to go further together, faster!

  • What were your expectations when you arrived at Abylsen?

When I arrived at Abylsen, I wanted to continue my early career in the nuclear industry but by entering directly into a design office to discover the upstream phase of the projects that I had experienced during my work-study program on installation and production phases directly on the electricity production site. My manager offered me to join a project with a major contractor in the sector. I spent 4 years on assignment with this client. I started in a design office for 2 years to then follow my project during the industrialization phase (choice of suppliers) then in quality (tests & trials) and finally in customer delivery management (customer recipe). My manager was able to highlight my field experiences to convince the client to trust me despite my lack of experience on the design part. This allowed me to develop my skills on complementary expertise in a design office: quality, tests, tests and qualification of equipment. At the end of my mission, my manager offered me to put my new skills to good use by moving me towards new sectors of activity. In the following years, I joined a project in the medical sector that gave me the opportunity to manage a team of 17 people and thus begin to touch the profession of Business Engineer.

  • You started as an Abylsen consultant and are now a Business Engineer.Can you tell us about this change of function?

At the end of my first project, I started doing recruitment and I liked it a lot, I participated in interviews and qualification meetings before presenting the selected profiles to our client. My manager then offered me to become a Business Engineer but I lacked the maturity to make a "good" Business Engineer. I really wanted to achieve my goal of becoming a project manager before evolving as a Business Engineer. I still wanted to get more involved in the development of Abylsen and so I took on the role of Key Account Consultant. During my second project, I responded to a call for applications for a position as a Business Engineer and everything happened naturally, I felt much more ready than the 1st time.

  • How does the job of business manager suit you better than the job of consultant?

I have always had a lot of freedom from the beginning of my career at Abylsen thanks to my investment in projects and my relationship with my client (teleworking, recruitment…). I worked on exciting projects as a consultant but had reached the limits in terms of taking responsibility. As a Business Engineer I work freely and autonomously, I manage my time and my organization. What suits me is also the fact of being able to be an intrapreneur and to be able to make strategic decisions, everything is open. I have a privileged relationship with my coach manager who allows me to be a force of proposals and innovative solutions while participating in the development of Abylsen.

  • What are the great qualities necessary to be a Business Engineer in your opinion?

In my opinion, the essential qualities to flourish as a Business Engineer: – Know how to be rigorous, – Be positive and motivating, – Know how to listen to both our consultants and our customers, – Be autonomous. Finally, you have to have an enterprising and intrapreneur spirit to love this job.

  • What advice would you give to a consultant who wants to work as a Business Engineer at Abylsen?

I advise you to start with the role of Key Account Consultant which will allow him to take the pulse of the function of Business Engineer (recruitment & Business development dimensions). This role is a very rewarding intermediate step to fully understand the business and its challenges. So, when you become a Business Engineer afterwards, there are fewer surprises, we know what to expect.

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