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Abylsen, company labelled HappyIndex®AtWork for the 2nd year in a row!

Our partner Choose My Company has awarded us the HappyIndex®AtWork 2022 label for the second year running. This accreditation was obtained thanks to three good results on the following indicators: the employee response rate, the overall score given to Abylsen and the company’s recommendation score.

Mélanie Aubert, the Group’s Human Resources Director, explains these improved results.


“At the end of 2020, we launched this founding mechanism to allow everyone to express their voice and provide feedback.

The commitment survey carried out among all Abylsen employees in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg led to the Happy@Work label.

This label recognises the participation and satisfaction of employees on 6 families of questions: professional development, work organisation, managerial relations, salary and recognition, pride, pleasure and fun.

On the strength of this first success, the numerous feedbacks collected have fed reflections and have co-constructed the priorities to be addressed within Abylsen to initiate its transformation. The most striking illustration is undoubtedly the ideation, projection and construction of the future workshops, the “Mission, Vision, Values” workshops. These led to the redesign of our brand identity: Free to Explore.

Because it is important in Abylsen’s culture to engage our teams in the transformation of the Group, we wanted to repeat this survey for 2022.”

Mélanie Aubert, Director HR  & Florian Massaux, CEO of Abylsen Group

What are the results of this new 2022 edition?

“A great success! We have renewed the Happy@Work certification for the French area, and have also obtained new certifications for Belgium, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Beyond these tokens of recognition from our teams, it is above all the feedback from our Explorers that prevails. 

This new survey shows a clear improvement in satisfaction, with an overall score up by 5.1 points and an increase of 14.2 points in favourable opinions. We are proud to note that all the questions have seen their satisfaction score increase.

Our Explorers highlight in particular :

  • The recognition of the meaning of their work, 
  • Their pleasure in working in pleasant premises, 
  • The quality of their relationship with their superiors,
  • The professional development resulting from the challenges they face.

The 2022 exercise also confirms the strategy led by the Management Committee. This year saw the launch of several structural projects and investments aimed at meeting the expectations expressed by our employees.

Nevertheless, we must continue to make progress on certain subjects and continue to communicate openly with our teams to keep them informed of our progress.

When is the next survey due?

“We value this ritual of sharing and feedback. The 2023 survey should therefore take place in the spring, with the intention of extending the approach to our subsidiaries.

At Abylsen, Free to Explore is practiced collectively. Together, we go further”.

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