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Abylsen continues its european conquest and announces the opening of the Netherlands

Paris, 8 September 2022 – The Abylsen Group announces the opening of a new land of innovation by setting out to conquer the Netherlands! The international engineering consultancy group is building innovative projects for sustainable growth by turning its intuition and passion for exploration into reality.

Abylsen, a multi-specialist in engineering consultancy, is continuing its development with the opening of an office in the Netherlands, in Eindhoven.

Since 2005, Abylsen has been following its intuitions to imagine solutions that create value for its collaborators, clients and partners. Its freedom to explore and its local territorial coverage are essential components of the success of the Group, which now has more than 41 locations in 6 European countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and now the Netherlands).

Denis YUSEINOV, Explorer for more than a year, will be in charge of developing projects in the automotive, aeronautics, energy and life sciences innovation territories.

« Our signature FREE TO EXPLORE takes on its full meaning through this project and I am very proud to be part of it. I started my career at Abylsen as a Talent Acquisition Officer, this evolution towards the position of Business Developer is an incredible opportunity and a proof of my Manager’s outstanding confidence. As a skilled explorer, I am convinced that this territorial conquest will be an extraordinary experience! »

An ambitious project supported by the teams of Yoan DUQUESNOY, Country Manager

Belgium & Netherlands, Denis will also be able to count on the management of Laurens AERTS, Business Unit Manager Flanders and Project Leader Abylsen Netherlands, without whom all this would not have been possible.

« We are very pleased to open our first office in Eindhoven to develop the new geographical area of Holland. Our short-term objective is to consolidate our relationship with our Belgian and French partners, who are also present in the Netherlands. We chose Eindhoven because geographically it is a strategic location for Abylsen, situated between Belgium and Germany. Eindhoven is recognised as a leading technology centre with industrial partners in the automotive, aeronautics and life sciences sectors. »

Abylsen Netherlands in a few figures is the recruitment of 5 consultants by the end of 2022 with an objective of 20 consultants for September 2023.
This project is part of the Group’s aim to accelerate its development and double its workforce by 2026 to reach over 5,000 explorers.

About us
Abylsen is an engineering consultancy group founded in 2005 by several entrepreneurs with a common ambition to develop in the major European regions. The multi-specialist group relies on its network of 26 offices in 6 countries (France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy and the Netherlands), in order to be as close as possible to its clients and their needs. Every day, Abylsen can count on the know-how and technical skills of its 2,400 employees working in 8 sectors of activity, in order to improve its performance and agility. Abylsen is part of the House of HR Group.

Press contacts
Yoan DUQUESNOY – / +32 (0) 474 898 447
Coline HERROUX – / +33 (0)6 71 97 52 79

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