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One explorer, one adventure

One explorer,
one adventure

Christophe, Explorer since the beginning of 2022, contributes to the deployment of Abylsen’s expertise in the Pays de la Loire region! He is the embodiment of passionate exploration, through the development of our agency based in Nantes. Discover his state of mind, his vision, and his roadmap!


Why did you take up this challenge to explore Nantes and its region?

Passionate about human relations and discovering new horizons, I believe that there is a lot to learn by exchanging and building relationships with and between people. Beyond this aspect, exploring and conquering a territory by carrying Abylsen’s expertise and values brings me motivation every day.

Why dit I take yp this challenge? For the passionate exploration combined with the learning collective, in line with these two strong Abylsen values, I decided to join the adventure. The encounters and the richness of the exchanges with my colleagues, consultants and clients totally reflect the image I have of my job.

Christophe MAREC
Abylsen Nantes


What is the direction to follow when developing an agency?

There is a lot to do when developing an agency, in short here are the 3 main axes: prospecting, recruitment and management.

At the same time, we have to develop and build the story of the Nantes agency. This began with the search for and the setting up of new premises, as well as understanding the environment of the territory. In my opinion, one of the keys to the job is to be able to constantly adapt our discourse and our offer to the profile of our interlocutors and their needs.


What are the issues in the region?

The Pays de la Loire has many industrial sectors that correspond to our services, to work on both research / R&D and supply chain / manufacturing jobs.
In aeronautics, for example, two Airbus sites are in Nantes and Saint-Nazaire.

On the naval side, major shipbuilders are in Saint-Nazaire for cruise ships and military vessels, and in the Vendée for the pleasure fleet. Several marine energy projects are also present in Loire-Atlantique. 

Finally, there are many factories for motorized vehicles in the region: automotive suppliers, producers of heavy goods vehicles, handling vehicles and agricultural machinery.


What is your vision for the future?

As I said before, the activity in the region is very strong and companies increasingly need to call on our services. This is the challenge for Abylsen in the Nantes area: to make we known and to become the partner of key players in the region.

To do this, it is necessary to carry out actions on different time scales, in order to grow rapidly while ensuring the structure’s sustainability. For example, launching the activity through initial projects while developing relationships with the purchasing departments of large local structures to prepare for the years to come.

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