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The exchanges were immediately natural, friendly and I really had the feeling of entering a family business
  • Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Elsa, and I joined Abylsen Sigma in October 2018 as a Junior Engineering Consultant.

  • Your daily life in 3 sentences

Since I started at Abylsen, I have been in charge of production quality at a major automotive supplier. My daily life is composed of 3 main themes: – Recovery of complaints from internal customers who mainly report appearance defects (such as a surplus of material on parts that then leads to assembly problems) – I set up teams that analyze the concern raised by customers and are then in charge of making proposals to solve the problem (s) identified . I study the feasibility of the proposed solutions and I select the solution that seems to me the most relevant / effective – The pilot then the problem solving sites In addition to these different subjects, I take care of carrying out continuous improvement actions aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the production process (improving work instructions, zoning in the workshop …)

  • Tell us about your recruitment process at Abylsen

I was contacted by the Abylsen teams directly on LinkedIn. A 1st telephone exchange allowed me to learn more about the company and to exchange on my professional aspirations. It immediately seemed logical to me to continue the recruitment process and that's how I met my (future) manager for a second more "technical" interview. The exchanges were immediately natural, friendly and I really had the feeling of entering a family business. On a daily basis, managers listen, they accompany us and organize many events to create cohesion between teams.

  • What were your expectations when you arrived at Abylsen?

After 3 years of work-study in the pharmaceutical sector, I wanted to discover new sectors without forgetting to develop the skills acquired. My manager therefore offered me to intervene at my current client (automobile) but by continuing and deepening my knowledge, it was ideal! I really like the fact that I am in the field, directly at my client's house, in contact with the teams on site. I also wanted a manager who listened to me and who accompanied me to help me evolve and develop my skills according to my desires.

  • You started in pharma and now you are in the car – can you tell us about the differences and commonalities between these sectors?

I have not fundamentally changed my profession but let's say that I really specialized with my second experience especially on all the quality part that I almost did not practice before. I have the opportunity to learn every day from experts in the field who pass on their knowledge on the subject. I feel like I have a little more pressure in the auto sector. I probably have this feeling because of the many current challenges of the sector, including its need to move towards Industry 4.0 and a significant improvement in production processes. In the automotive industry I have the opportunity to work on products that are much more diverse than those I have known in pharmacy. I am also much more autonomous in the management that I lead on a daily basis (this is probably more due to my experience than to the sector as such).

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