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Testimonial of Antoine, Key account consultant

Being a Key Account Consultant gave me something completely different: it gave me a more “strategic” vision and a privileged relationship with my manager.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Antoine and I have been a consultant at Abylsen Sigma since May 2014, Key Account Consultant for 1 year.

Can you tell us about your daily life as an Abylsen consultant?

I work for an American client specializing in agricultural materials and I work more specifically in the tractor branch. I’m the reference on homologation and regulation issues for the project teams on international projects. I am therefore involved in all stages of the life of a project and the life of a series. On a daily basis, I act as an interface between the technical departments and the European ministries (most of the time) and at the global level on certain projects.

What were your expectations when you arrived at Abylsen?

I arrived at Abylsen in May 2014 (graduating in September 2013) after an international internship and I was contacted by the recruitment teams. I immediately had the feeling that I was considered as a person with skills and knowledge to bring to the table. My manager was involved, interested and listened. These elements were decisive for my arrival at Abyslen.

I wanted to make use of what I had learned in school, take an interest in other environments (especially agriculture), take on new challenges and discover new horizons. Since my arrival at Abylsen – 5 years ago – I can say that my experience has been very enriching, a source of increased skills and the discovery of jobs other than those for which my initial training was intended (manufacturing training).

From the very beginning at Abylsen, I set up a career plan with my manager to satisfy my need to discover new sectors and new jobs. This was done because I started out in the design office (project costing) for 1 year before finally moving on to certification, a job I’ve been doing for 3 years now!

Can you tell us about your role at KAC Abylsen?

Quite quickly, my manager told me about the Key Account Consultant function and I was seduced.

My day to day role as KAC makes me the Abylsen relay directly to our clients at various levels:
– Helping to identify potential (future missions, future employees)
– Helping to integrate new collaborators (presentation of my profession as a consultant, being identified as a relay by new collaborators if needed, being a support to new consultants if needed …

Being KAC gave me something completely different: it gave me a more “strategic” vision and a more privileged relationship with my manager. Today, I work hand in hand with my manager for more efficiency and more business benefits.

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